Skolkovo Foundation Chairman Arkady Dvorkovich spoke at the Indian Energy Forum in New Delhi, and also met with senior executives from major Indian energy corporations. The meeting was attended by Dharmendra Pradhan the Indian Minister of Oil, Gas and Steel.

Speaking as part of the discussion panel of the forum, Arkady Dvorkovich pointed out that Skolkovo has dozens of start-ups selling their products and services to energy companies. Some of the developments are based on a combination of big data analysis with geophysical and chemical methods that increase reservoir productivity. This is especially true in Siberia, where there are mainly mature deposits, and access to new formations can be very difficult.

Arkady Dvorkovich took part in a panel discussion at the Indian Energy Forum in New Delhi. Photo:

The second component of the energy sector in the innovation center is the research that Skoltech deals with, in particular, studying the use of artificial intelligence in the exploration and mining of minerals.

The third component, according to Arkady Dvorkovich, is not related to oil and gas production, it relates to renewable energy sources. Skolkovo companies are creating a new generation of solar panels. Since such panels are now more efficient and at a lower cost, investments in them are very profitable, even when used in Russian climatic conditions, as well as taking into account the peculiarities of the Russian economy, with its emphasis on oil, gas and nuclear energy.

Skolkovo also pays attention to petro chemistry, said the chairman of the Fund, who specifically mentioned the recent opening of the Sibur PoliLab polymer processing research center in Skolkovo.

Another major Russian company, TMK, has also recently opened its R&D center in the innovation city, where a new generation of pipes will be developed, including for the energy sector. All this may be of interest to India, says Arkady Dvorkovich.

The development of a bilateral cooperation was discussed at a meeting of the Chairman of the Fund with the leaders of the five largest Indian energy corporations. The Minister of Oil, Natural Gas and Steel of the Republic of India Dharmendra Pradhan, took part in the conversation. 

In late August, the minister visited the Innograd at the head of a large Indian delegation, which included, in particular, the heads of companies such as ‘Oil India’ and the ‘Indian Oil Corporation’. They watched presentations of the developments of five Skolkovo participants.

A new stage in the development of cooperation could be the “Open Innovations” forum starting on Monday, October 21st. During the meeting in New Delhi, an agreement was reached on the participation of several heads of Indian energy corporations.